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Talk to Your Family Physician About Family Health Month

Family life is complicated. You wake up and dress yourself carefully for that appointment with the boss. The kids rush in demanding waffles while you are ironing your shirt. You get them dressed, fix breakfast, and then are reminded that today is show and tell. Meanwhile, the dog is scratching at the back door and the school bus is honking in the front. Somewhere in this mess, your health gets pushed aside.

October is Family Health Month, an opportunity to remind everyone that their health and the health of their families is too important to get lost in the chaos that can be family life.

Healthy families all have one thing in common: they talk. They talk about simple things like the dog or school. And they talk about complicated things like drugs and disease.

This year, Family Health Month is about communication. Communication is important for many reasons. Too many people think that the only time to discuss something is when there is a problem, so they don’t work at daily conversations about general life. Unfortunately, this makes talking a chore and everyone begins to dread hearing, “We need to talk.” If conversation is part of family life, it becomes easy and while it may still be tough to talk about some things, it won’t be impossible.

It is also important to talk to your family physician about your health concerns before they become problems. If your doctor knows about the stress in your life, your family health history and your risk factors, they can help you stay well with preventive health care.

Take time in October to talk to your child about something that is bothering them. Take time to talk to a family member about your dreams. And take time to talk to your family physician about your family’s health. Once you start talking, you might find it’s hard to stop!