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Healthy Living Newsletter

November 2001

Vol. 1 Issue 1

In this issue. . .

November is Diabetes Awareness Month
Diabetes Overview
Learning About Diabetes
Diabetes - Do You Know the Symptoms?

This Month's Health Tip:
Who needs a flu shot.

November Calendar:
Health Awareness
Members' Anniversaries and Milestones

Our Staff Recommendations:
What to Expect When You Quit Smoking
The Great American Smoke Out
Anti-Smoking Pill Beats the Patch
Getting Started With Exercise

Getting Personal
Journal of the month: Scherzando and the bean
Buddy Journal of the month: Mare and Julie's Magnificent Journey

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

This Month's Health Tip:

Flu Shot

    Get that flu shot!
    If you're over 65 or have a chronic disease, such as asthma or diabetes, you're at hight risk for severe illness from the flu. Because last year's flu shot won't protect against this year's new strains, get that protective shot this fall. Peak flu season is from December to March

    Source: Consumer Reports onhealth; vol. 13 #10

November Calendar

Health Causes for November

  • 1-7 - Vegan Awareness Week
  • 1-7 - National Down Syndrome Awareness Week
  • 4-10 - National Seniors Safety Week
  • 11-17 - Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • 15 - Great American Smoke Out Day
  • 18-24 - National Addiction Awareness Week
  • 24-30 - National AIDS Awareness Week
  • 25 - International Day to End Violence Against Women

November Anniversaries


    Wedding Anniversaries:

    November 15 - Lorrie and Atiq
    November 24 - Kerry and Jim (Princess Prattle and Sir Knight)


    November 7, 1998 - Sheryl quit smoking!

Our Staff Recommendations:

What to Expect When You Quit Smoking

    Recommended by: Sheryl

    Did you know that when you quit smoking, your pulse returns to normal* after 30 minutes; after 72 hours your lung capacity increases; after 2 weeks to 3 months walking becomes easier; after 10 years your risk of lung and other cancers becomes about equal to that of non-smokers?


Great American Smoke Out

The Great American Smoke Out

Anti-Smoking Pill Beats the Patch

    Recommended by: Sheryl

    In the first head-to-head comparison, the anti-smoking drug Zyban proved twice as good as the nicotine patch in helping people kick the habit, and both together were even more effective.Used together, they helped more than 35 percent of smokers quit cigarettes for a year.

    Join in the discussion about this study as reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association:



Getting Started With Exercise

    Recommended by: Suze

    If you're thinking about starting a fitness program, but need an extra "push" to get started, consider the following benefits you can expect by including a healthy diet and moderate exercise program into your lifestyle:

    • Preventive medicine.
    • Improves strength at any age.
    • Slashes risk of heart disease.
    • . . .and many more!


Getting Personal

Journal Writer

Journal of the Month:

    Recommended by: Suze

    Scherzando and the Bean

    Read this heartwarming journal of newborn Garielle and mom, Scherzando, who gets by with help from DH (dear/darling husband).

    Here is an excerpt:
    Little girl is so sweet. She was born at a low weight so they had her in the nursery after she was born. I had just had a C section and was all doped up on morphine so for the first couple of hours, I wasn't sure I'd had a baby at all. After I'd been in my room a couple of hours (no private room available - a "semi" private), the drugs began to wear off, & it occurred to me to wonder about my baby. I'd only seen her briefly after she was born. SO when the nurse came in, I said "I really do need to see my baby." I wasn't allowed out of bed and had to remain on my back for 12 hours, so the nurse called the nursery, and someone from there brought her down to see me. Oh, she was so cute! (Biased? Me?)


Buddy Journal of the Month:


    Recommended by: Sheryl

    Mare and Julie's Magnificent Journey

    This month's journal buddies are Healthy Living's first buddy pair. They are a perfect example of two friends working together to show each other support and to just "be there". Here is an excerpt of their journal:


    Made an appointment with the specialist for Monday at 1:00, their first available. I accepted it on "autopilot", so I just called my doctor's nurse back to see if that was okay, or if I should call back and press for an appointment today.

    I don't think that medical care is quite the way it was when I was growing up. :) Oh well.

    John said that if I don't have an appointment until Monday, that I should find out if I should have crutches in the mean time...

    Fun, fun, fun.


    It probably wouldn't hurt to find out about the crutches. Geeze. You'd think if your doc was referring you to a specialist, they would realize it was sort of an emergency! (shaking my head and rolling my eyes)

    Kenny and I are going out to eat tonite...the dine for America thing. Only thing, he wants to do Applebees and they aren't participating. Outback is donating 100%. I think that's great and it should be where we go. We'll see.



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